Great News: Borderlands 3 Maliwan Pistol Replica From Performance Designed Products (PDP) Lets You Hold The Wasteland In Your Hands

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Want to get a head start on your Borderlands 3 collection of guns and loot? Well, now look no further! Because the good news is, preorders now are available for the officially licensed Borderlands 3 Maliwan Pistol Replica from Performance Designed Products. According to Amazon states, this Maliwan pistol replica will cost you $149.99, and you can purchase this Borderlands 3 item on December 3, 2019.

Of course, the 1:1 Maliwan pistol replica from Performance Designed Products (a.k.a PDP) appears to be as close to the real thing as you can get, shy of beginning your own futuristic Borderlands 3 weapons manufacturer, that is. According to the listing, it says that it is a replica of a “rare edition of the Maliwan pistol from Borderlands 3.” Its features include rubberized grips, lights and sound effects that match the sound and appearance from its digital counterpart in the game of Borderlands 3, and functioning switches together with a rotating ammo cartridge which rotates even faster when you hold down the trigger. You also can adjust the intensity of the light and the volume of the sound effects by using a dial, and choose between five different LED light colors.

And now, here is where you can purchase your Maliwan pistol replica.

The entire package weight is about 1.1 lbs, which means the replica will not make you feel a little tired if you end up carrying it all day when walking around conventions, which is totally a plus for any Borderlands cosplayers looking to add this one to their wardrobe. And what’s more, this product is also officially licensed by 2K and Gearbox.

Boorderlands 3 is scheduled to release on September 13, 2019 for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. We previously covered a suite of accessibility options that will be present in this game, as well as the fact that the players will be able to mess with each other by using the game’s loot gifting feature. And the accessibility options include fully remappable controls, removable automatic-mantling, headbob, and automatic-aim. Meanwhile, this game will also have support for those affected by color blindness and more!

That is some general information about this weapons, so will you be preordering one of these Borderlands 3 guns replicas? Are there any other weapon replicas that you would like to see from BL 3? You can leave your thoughts in the comments below! For some more information you can click here.

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